Speaker and Moderator


Civil Rights attorney, author, Women’s Rights activist, and musician, Howard Feinstein delivers a message of resilience. His compelling stories of first-hand experiences as a criminal prosecutor and litigating attorney promote dialogue and build awareness of the relevance of the Civil Rights Movement to current issues. Mr. Feinstein gets audiences involved with the content and moves the program along with energy, civility, and focus.

As a moderator, Mr. Feinstein negotiates issues and engages panelists to open up and stick to the talking points. He moderates Q&A with ease and respect for all participants.

As a guest on TV and radio talk-shows, Mr. Feinstein is known for his preparation and the ways he puts his hosts at ease even on tough topics. For colleges, synagogues, and churches, Mr. Feinstein offers customized programs in which he demonstrates the fine art of weaving music throughout his narrative. He invites his audiences into the world of “edutainment.”

“Great speaker for a kick-off event to a new academic year.”

“Mr. Feinstein had our students on the edge of their seats and got them thinking about current issues through the lens of the Civil Rights Movement.”

His experiences cover the complicated and important history of our country and its struggle with civil and human rights laws. Mr. Feinstein’s vivid stories recount the brutality of hate groups and the exhilaration of making a difference. He helps audiences discover their personal relevance to ongoing human rights struggles and Constitutional issues. Mr. Feinstein’s programs make tough topics accessible to both new and familiar audiences.

Event planners count on Mr. Feinstein to sharpen the issues and get the best responses from audiences. He delivers total professionalism: prepared on content and confident in performance. And, Mr. Feinstein gives event planners the reassurance that the program will start and stop on time and within budget.

Mr. Feinstein knows how to put vitality into the pages of history on timely news and history topics:

  • Musical influences on political history
  • Current Civil rights challenges
  • Human rights today
  • Decoding political performances
  • Women’s issues and the current landscape
  • Prosecuting hate groups