Howard L. Feinstein delivers candid, first person accounts of his work as a criminal prosecutor and litigating attorney during the Civil Rights Movement. His writing integrates decades of experience in the legal and criminal justice systems with a lively and engaging writing style in his books, Fire on the Bayou, nominated for the Dayton Peace Prize, and Developing Issues in the Legal Status of Women.

About Fire on the Bayou, reviewers note:

“Refreshingly candid. A must read for anyone interested in American history and the struggle for human rights everywhere.”

“Secrets once thought buried forever resurface in this engaging memoir.”

“A captivating first-hand account.”

Mr. Feinstein believes that history writing need not be dull. He writes from the point of view of a full participant. His front line stories of Civil Rights cases—fought and won—put his readers “in the moment” of life threatening situations and life changing consequences.

Mr. Feinstein worked as a criminal prosecutor and litigating attorney with the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and a professor of U.S. Civil Rights, U.S. Constitutional Law, Sex Discrimination, and Criminal Law serving at institutions including: George Washington University (Washington, DC); the University of Maryland, College Park; and Hood College (Frederick, MD). For the University of Maryland System, he served as a hearing examiner.

Fire on the Bayou and Developing Issues in the Legal Status of Women are available through his online shop.