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“Keep the Faith”

Howie played keyboard with the greats:
Bo Diddley, Bobby Parker, Chuck Brown and

  1. Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Traditional) 3:10
  2. Play Something Sweet (A. Toussaint) 5:03
  3. Such A Night (M. Rebbenack) 4:38
  4. Valse Des Renegades (H. Feinstein) 2;30
  5. Stollin’ Rampart (H. Feinstein, R. & R. Clarke) 4:02
  6. Hard Times (R. Charles) 5:43
  7. Catwalk (H. Feinstein) 4:13
  8. Hurricane Two-Step (H. Feinstein) 3:04
  9. 60-Minutee Man/You Talk Too Much
    (W.Ward/R. Hall & J. Jones) 3:56
  10. Deep Purple/Alice’s Restaurant
    (P. DeRose/ A. Guthrie) 4:17
  11. Presence Of The Lord (E. Clapton) 4:11

“Road without End, Amen”

  1. Libera Mi Corazon (Music B Sharp, Arranged by H. Feinstein) 4:15
  2. Chanson Du Marais (H. Feinstein) 4:47
  3. Bookerama (Arranged by J. Booker, H Feinstein) 12:27
  4. Evangeline Road (H. Feinstein) 2:16
  5. Straight Outta Bethesda (H. Feinstein) 3:59
  6. Paradise Highway (H. Feinstein) 3:36
  7. All Roads Lead to New Orleans (H. Feinstein) 2:51
  8. Underground Railroad Blues (H. Feinstein) 3:04


“Fire on the Bayou”
Nominated for the Dayton Peace Prize

True Tales from the Civil Rights Battlefront

In Fire on the Bayou, Howard Feinstein tells the story of the struggle to enforce civil rights laws and fight hate crimes in the South (and a couple of more northern spots), in the volatile period after the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

His description of his own background and how it led to this career is “highly readable, and often hilarious.” His take at the end of the book on how things were, and how they have changed, myths and truths about the civil rights struggle, and some of its leaders, is deeply thought-provoking.

“Developing issues in the legal status of women”

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